Who is Lila McClellan?                               

As I sit in my studio in Coaldale, Co; writing this bio, I look outside my window at the magnificent, mountain vistas and the colorful, flowers in my garden. I can hear the sound of the water fountain splashing and the wind rushing down from Hayden Pass playing my wind chimes. The song birds sing their sweet melodies as the hummingbirds buzz around the feeders hanging from my back deck. I have traveled far to get here; on the inner, emotional and spiritual levels as well as the physical one.

My artwork is a reflection of who I am. When I feel good about myself and my surroundings, I am able to let my energy flow and create. I do many things to raise my energy level, so I can be in a more heightened state of awareness to allow this to happen. Before I start to paint, I often do some yogic stretching and breathing or dancing to music. When I’m outside, I’ll go for a hike and take photographs, and maybe soak my feet in a mountain stream.

I studied painting and drawing in college and learned basic skills which have enabled me to see the world through artistic eyes. Often, when I drive through bighorn sheep canyon to go to Salida, I look at the way the light plays on the rocky cliffs, water and sky. I do remember to focus on driving and look for stray deer or other animals that tend to cross in front of my car.  Every turn in the road is a new painting waiting to happen. I think to myself, someday soon.