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Outdoor activities in Colorado

When you visit this area, there are many activities that you can do. I've listed some of the ones close to our lodge. There is also a free visitors guide you can get here:

Take a hike 

Hiking Backpacking Buena Vista Salida ColoradoDozens of easy to drive to trailheads and campgrounds provide the launching off point to a nearly endless selection of adventures limited only by interest, time and energy. Choose to summit a 14,000-foot peak, aka 14ers, or meander along on day or multi-day hike on famous trail systems like the Colorado Trail that traverses along the entire county.

Go to the us Forest service building in Salida or visit their website:

Go fishing

As its reputation grows, the Arkansas River is luring anglers to one of the healthiest self sustaining wild brown trout fisheries in the country with an unparalleled fly fishing season from March through October. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy yourself on the river​

To buy a fishing  license or state park pass online, you can go to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website:  There is also info on hiking with wildlife (especially bears) and weekly fishing reports.

Raft on the Arkansas River

White Water Rafting Buena Vista Salida ColoradoRAFTING SEASON APRIL - SEPTEMBER

The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Has Over 150 Miles of Rafting. From Salida to Canon City, Colorado, there are many whitewater rafting towns located on the Arkansas River. The Arkansas River is the most popular whitewater rafting river in Colorado.

The closest rafting company to our lodge is Arkansas River Tours which is 12 minutes from our lodge. Here's the link:

Go 4 wheeling or ATVing

The Rocky Mountain backcountry in the Salida area is vast and rugged. It only makes sense, then, to get the most out of your trip to this area

by exploring it on a four-wheeler. Whether you drive your own four-wheeler , or ATV, you can expect no less than a thrilling experience.

The Salida and Coaldale areas provide numerous trails with amazing views of theSawatch Range and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges

as well as fascinating ghost town and mining districts to explore. You can bring your own or rent one.

For places to go and rentals click

There are places in Coaldale, near our lodge, that we can tell you about as well

Soak in a hot spring

We have a two person hot tub at our lodge which you can use when you stay here.

There are also several hot springs in the area that you can drive to  (25 min. to one and a half hours away) Here are the links:

Horseback riding

Ride native mountain horses in the wild west, see some stunning views of the mountains and local foliage.There are a few riding stables nearby, the closest being this one:   

Here's two other stables 45 min. away         

Mountain biking

Besides great trails, it's the amazing climate that's generating buzz about riding in the Upper Arkansas Valley. Year-round riding rarely requires more than making sure to pack layers

a jacket to brace against the odd mid-summer high country snow squall, or to shed when sun and dry climate make you sweat even though there may be snow on the shady side of the road

To get info on the local trails visit the following places:

     The best singletrack - Monarch Crest Trail!       Cathedral of Aspens along the Colorado Trail.       

Fly through the hills on a zipline

Suspend your fear as you zip along our cables, reaching speeds up to 40 mph, and soar over the canyon floor some 100-200 feet below!

While taking short hikes between platforms your guides will tell you about some of the Wild West History of the area. 

Here's the link for Captain Zipline:

                                                                                                                                                                   Central Colorado Zip Line Tour

Visit Browns Canyon National Monument

Nestled along the Arkansas River in the center of Colorado, between Buena Vista and Salida, Browns Canyon National Monument offers

solitude and primitive recreation, including rafting, kayaking, hunting, horseback riding, backpacking, fishing, and hiking.

Here's a link to a video about Brown's canyon:

The creative process

Why are we offering classes in so many different areas? They are our passions and a way for the creative process to unfold. Whether it be tying flies, cooking, baking, painting, taking photos or practicing yoga, we can forget about our own lives for a time by learning something new. The most important concept I learned in art schools is; The process is more important than the outcome. If you have fun while creating, it leads you down new and unexpected paths in your artwork and in life.
I changed my name to Lila which is a Sanscrit word that means ‘divine play’;
the play of creation, destruction, recreation and love. It is all of life; living fully in the moment, unattached to the outcome so we can be ever-flowing with creativity. The creative process is the guiding principle of my life which I am sharing with you in the classes I teach at my home.
Here's some quotes about the creative process:
  • from Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way':The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.
  • from Elizabeth Murray's book 'Cultivating Sacred Space- Gardening for the Soul': Play sparks creativity and encourages risk taking. It helps us accept that life is about change, process, and growth 
Are you ready to create?
I'd love to hear your ideas about this process. You can post a comment on this blog to continue this discussion.

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