The creative process

Why are we offering classes in so many different areas? They are our passions and a way for the creative process to unfold. Whether it be tying flies, cooking, baking, painting, taking photos or practicing yoga, we can forget about our own lives for a time by learning something new. The most important concept I learned in art schools is; The process is more important than the outcome. If you have fun while creating, it leads you down new and unexpected paths in your artwork and in life.
I changed my name to Lila which is a Sanscrit word that means ‘divine play’;
the play of creation, destruction, recreation and love. It is all of life; living fully in the moment, unattached to the outcome so we can be ever-flowing with creativity. The creative process is the guiding principle of my life which I am sharing with you in the classes I teach at my home.
Here's some quotes about the creative process:
  • from Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way':The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.
  • from Elizabeth Murray's book 'Cultivating Sacred Space- Gardening for the Soul': Play sparks creativity and encourages risk taking. It helps us accept that life is about change, process, and growth 
Are you ready to create?
I'd love to hear your ideas about this process. You can post a comment on this blog to continue this discussion.


From Fly tying to making Pies!