Lila's paintings Below: My backyard in Coaldale, CO on the left and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. on the right

       Coaldale, Co.   Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.  


Would you like to become a landscape painter?

In this class I will teach you the fundamentals of painting. From choosing the materials you use to learning to see through artist's eyes, you can create the world as you envision it. Gain the confidence and skills needed to do this.

Techniques you will learn

  • All about color (hue, values, temperature, intensity)
  • Composition (less is more, rule of thirds, focal point)
  • Using photos as reference only
  • Brush strokes (transparency, opacity and texture)


I will share my own secrets for being in touch with the creative process. On the more practical side, here's a link to buy art supplies online which I have used:

What you will need for class

  • Paints (acrylic or oil): titanium white, Phthalo blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium red light, yellow medium, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, viridian green, sap green, chrome oxide green and burnt sienna
  • squeeze bottle with flip spout for solvent, medium or water (for oil paint, use an oderless solvent like gamsol by Gamblin, NOT regular turpentine or mineral spirits)
  • thinning mediums for oil paints (linseed oil or alkyd) 
  • Brushes (hog bristle or synthetic for oil, synthetic for acrylic) in varying sizes: at least (1)#14, (2)#4, (2)#6, (2)#8 and (2)#2
  • one of the following: primed canvas, gessoed watercolor paper, gessoed masonite or gessoed wooden boards
  • easle: full or 1/2 size, stand alone or table top 
  • palettes made of plastic, glass or wood (sealed with polyurethane, shellac, linseed or walnut oil)
  • palette knife (2" spade head) for mixing paint
  • small sketch pad, ebony pencil or # 2B-6B pencil, kneaded or white plastic eraser

Class dates and times

This class will be once a week and will last two hours. To get the most benefit, you will need to commit to at least four classes. Dates and times will be determined by the availability of the participants. Let me know when you can come by phone or e-mail and we'll work it out.


The cost per class is $50. Pay with cash or check at time of class. Reserve your space two weeks in advance. Refunds/cancellations require a two week notice as well.