Hike and shoot photos in the Colorado mountains
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After a short drive (not more than 1/2 hour), we will take an easy hike in the early morning. The location will be determined by the weather and the time of year; it will be close to our lodge in Coaldale. Beginning and intermediate levels are both welcome. The class size is limited to four people, to get individualized instruction.

There is a follow up class called Photo editing. You will learn basic techniques for digitally enhancing your photos using Adobe software programs Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • What is the difference between taking a snapshot and composing a picture?
  • Do you know how to control the light, focus, movement and sharpness?
  • What three settings affect the exposure of your camera?
  • Can you shoot in manual mode?​​​

​What to bring

  • DSLR or good point and shoot camera with zoom or interchangeable lenses (at least 18-50 mm) Wide angle or macro lens if you have them, are optional.
  • Tripod
  • Camera manual (be familiar with how your camera works)
  • Shutter release (optional)
  • Layers (including rain gear and sun hat)
  • Water bottle and snacks

Class dates and times

Set up an appointment at your convenience.

The cost is $60. Pay with cash or check at time of class. 
Please reserve your space one week in advance. Refunds/cancellations require a one week notice as well.