Do you want to edit your photos on the computer? 

Learn the basic skills of using an inexpensive and easy photo editing program; Adobe Lightroom on a windows operating system. 

Simplify the process. You can do this! 

 This is a continuation of the Landscape photography class. If you want to take both classes, you get a discount of $10 on this class. You will have a better understanding of the whole process from photo shooting to post processing. 


  • What is the difference between global and selective editing?
  • How do you alter the lights and darks in your image?
  • Do you have a basic workflow (From importing and editing your photos to exporting and e-mailing them)?

Class dates and times

Call to set up a time that works for you.

What to bring

  • storage device for photos (laptop, jump drive or portable hard drive)
  • (Obtional) Adobe lightroom installed on a laptop with windows operating system
  • Two - Four digital photos that you took (preferably in camera raw or JPEG format)
  • Notebook (paper and pen or digital) for taking notes

The cost is $50. Pay at time of class
Please reserve your space one week in advance. Refunds/cancellations require a one week notice as well.